2001.September.11 TV Broadcasts Show Pyrotechnics
Sparks and molten metal stream out of South Tower in its final minutes
2002.May FEMA Issues Final Report|
Appendix C of report discloses extreme corrosive attack on steel
2005 USGS Documents Iron-Rich Spheroids
Spheroids have shape and chemical composition of aluminothermic residues
2005.June.23 NIST Releases Twin Towers Draft Report
Draft report avoids subject of explosives and demolition entirely
2005.July.08 Markos Bans Discussion of the World Trade Center on Daily Kos
2005.September Public Comment
Letters to NIST request consideration of evidence of explosives and incendiaries
2005.September NIST Releases Twin Towers Final Report
Report claims that NIST found no evidence of explosives
2006.August.30 NIST Posts FAQ
NIST explains orange glowing metal as molten aluminum with organic material.  NIST calls thermite ‘an unlikely substance for achieving a controlled demolition’
2006.August.31 Jones Responds To NIST FAQ
Experiments disprove NIST explanation of orange glow as aluminum
2006 Richard Gage, AIA, a practicing architect hears about the collapse of WTC Building 7 for the first time.  Organizes Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth around a petition for a new investigation.
2006.October.18 NIST Report Author Speaks at University of Texas
Lead engineer of NIST investigation denies molten metal
2007.April.16 Group Submits Request For Corrections to NIST
Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice (STJ) faults NIST’s refusal to examine evidence of explosives.
2007.June.29 NIST Posts Update on WTC7 Investigation
NIST to addresses controlled demolition of WTC7 with single-blast scenario.
2007.September.27 NIST Responds to STJ RFC
NIST replies to RFC, defending its failure to test for explosives by claiming that such tests might be inconclusive.
2007.October.25 Appeal Filed with NIST, Pursuant to RFC
NIST apprised of chemistry of aluminothermics, disabused of notion that testing prone to inconclusive results.
2008.August.2 Article Exposes NIST Nanothermite Connections
Ryan shows numerous connections between NIST authors and the explosive nanocomposites NIST refuses to acknowledge.
2008.August.21 NIST Releases WTC 7 Report Draft
Draft admits that NIST did no physical testing.
2008.September.10 Whistleblower Reviews NIST WTC7 Report
NIST’s pattern of denying and ignoring evidence detailed.
2008.September.15 Scientists and Engineers File Request For Correction for NIST WTC 7. Draft Letter submitted by 16 scientist, scholars, and engineers.
2008.November.11 NIST Releases WTC 7 Final Report
Almost identical to Draft Report, hides refusal to address explosives evidence behind ‘Hypothetical Blast Scenario.’
2008.December.18 NIST Publishes WTC7 FAQ
NIST repeats claim that thermite is unsuited to demolition.
2009.March.24 Scientific Paper Shows Active Thermitics in Dust
Scientists show WTC dust samples contain chips of active nano-engineered ‘super-thermite’.  This paper stands unchallenged in the scientific literature as of June 2012.
2012 With many intervening documents, AE911Truth releases the final edition of the documentary “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out.” In which 40 highly credentialed experts describe how the NIST explanation of the twin Towers and Building 7 cannot be correct.
June 2012
(We are hopeful)
DailyKos rescinds its rule prohibiting the discussion of controlled demolition at the World Trade Center. Discussion of the AE911Truth evidence is encouraged.


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